Dawn, and it dawned upon

His slippers lay under the bed and clothes somewhere on the carpet.
Wind sneaked in with a sweet smell of morning lilies through the barely opened window
and awoke my senses.
Rubbing my eyes, I tried to get up, something held on to me.
He had had his arm wrapped around my waist.
I gently placed his arm- muscular, hardened with times, yet soothing to touch, aside trying not to wake him up.
My feet slipped into bunny flops, and my bare body into a rosy robe.
I walked into the kitchen and got back with a coffee pot. I laid it down on the table, the table which had developed a layer of dust.
I thought; I stood calmly as I breathed in the scent of flowers. Sunrays made their way into the room and I could see how gracefully did they touch his cheeks. For the first time, I felt he has pretty brows and lashes, more than I do. He never did look so soft and serene. I’d like to tell you that I love him. I really do.
I was being too much in love, so I distracted and poured myself some coffee from the pot.
It had intricate designs of silver and gold and I remember it was my mom’s antique and pretty expensive. It was beautiful, too.
I suddenly began to overthink everything or maybe just notice them for the first time. I could not believe things around me had been mine and had been there for years.

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