The Dooming World

I have it one night, and the others I don’t.
Mommy, I don’t understand what they do live for.
They are filled up to the brim with perpetual avarice.
Do they like dinners all alone?
They “love” fancy gifts, yet detest the ones who bring them.
Mommy, I don’t understand how they do it without indulging in self-hate.
Mirrors – they put up all around;
Does no one dare to see through it?
Lust is being sold in dingy brothels,
A newlywed deprived of love.
Mommy, I can’t succumb to their material desires.
Lavish rugs under their feet,
Still, the minds are not at peace.
My stomach churns
to see the penniless go to bed at night
with a stale morsel down the gut, and the affluent puking it down the closet.
Mommy, I saw a man die. I saw another kill.
I saw a man kill himself.
It sends a shiver down my spine,
He pulled the trigger in the blink of an eye.
Mommy, I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve.
I fear love for it expires too soon.
Being an old-school romantic, hook-ups I can’t afford.
Sorry, the zeal to live- I don’t have it anymore.

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