How I started contributing to Mozilla

It was a regular Monday morning when I received an email notification from the organizers of Outreachy that the application period had started that day. Thrilled, I jumped to the Outreachy website to explore organizations of my interest.
Like any other Open Source enthusiast, my eyes sparkled to spot Mozilla!

Mozilla had listed about 4 projects initially and I was greedy to pick them all up. In my sanest mind, I studied all the projects and found one most relevant to my skill set and interest: the project – Create an improved site to guide contributors to their first contribution.

This project requires one to create a website similar to but an improved version of Bugs Ahoy, an issue tracker that Mozilla has been using to guide contributors to their first contribution. The project is to be written in React JS and I was elated to know that! Having personal and an internship experience in React boosted my confidence to pick it up.

I, promptly, emailed the project contributors expressing my interest in the project and joined the IRC channel as well. It’s extremely important to introduce yourself to the mentors and the community members so that they can guide you towards your initial contribution, no matter how intimidating it may seem. Keep in mind that Open Source sustains because of the community bonding!

As I made use of our good old friend – Bugs Ahoy to select my first bug, I learned more about the need for a refurbished website. My first task was a simple one, yet it instilled enthusiasm in me to go further for complex tasks. It can be found at Bug 1436115.
After that, I managed to get a second PR merged which can be found at Bug 1440374 (for those who are interested in the technical details). I keep lurking on the website to look for new tasks as they are assigned to someone as soon as they show up there.
Edit – A week later another two PRs have been merged, whoopie! Bug 1442717 and Bug 1441615. All of these four tasks involve working on Taskcluster.

Mentors have been immensely helpful and welcoming in case I get stuck, and this keeps me motivated to try my best to solve the assigned problem. And as a result, I recently got listed among Taskcluster People! Yayy! 😀

Screenshot from 2018-03-08 14-18-30
I’m currently in the application period for Outreachy and I have been eagerly looking forward to starting work on the proposed project. This is my personal experience but if there’s a need for a proper guide for beginners in future, I’d be really happy to present it in detail. 🙂

For now, I’m enjoying my journey with Mozilla filled with zeal, commitment, hard work and community bonding!

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