Love yourself, please?

Girl, pick up that pen and swiftly plot-spectacular dark strokes
you write about everyone, tell the world a tale or an anecdote
which speaks for you as vehemently as your melody notes
you sleep every time to take a rest, wake up this time
for a change, to make a change.
Do you realize, a beast in you is waiting for a stir up to ignite
pull out that book you like; discard those unkind shoes.
let the skin, your melanin
outgrow the fear of societal norms.
make that man- your father, proud
acclaim your honors and that old canvas board.
don’t forget to get some donuts for you,
no one will ever get to know.
Girl, formulate your future with mere you in the sight
for you can’t change your instincts because someone changed theirs.
I wish someone told you, your best lover resides in you.
gift her passion, a zeal to earn,
not just a 7-digit bank balance but a treasure chest of fruitful flowers.
Some men you leave awestruck, others intimidated
by the gallantry that you display.
Your black hair locks fall effortlessly,
exquisitely passing down your slender neck.
You know that thesis is waiting to be written,
don’t let the chauvinism hinder your way.
There are miles to go before you make them stay.
Girl, explore your possibilities-as grand as the Canyon.
and remember, amidst all the chaos,
to love yourself.

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