Diving Deep into Mozilla Firefox

Screenshot from 2018-03-18 23-02-34

Part 2 in series of “How I started contributing to Mozilla”

From leveraging the customised Firefox to enhance my web experience to hacking into its source code, it has been an exciting journey throughout.
As I stumbled upon the project – Improve the Firefox Certificate Error Pages, I was enthralled by the idea of working with the Firefox security team to improve the overall user experience of Firefox. It would involve tackling the bugs in error pages, detecting the issues with the user’s system, cleaning up the code to reduce attack surface, etc.

The Mozilla community has been amicable and constructive like always to help newcomers begin with tasks. As before, I reached out to the mentor via IRC and it’s been immensely important in my contribution.

I have already got two patches approved for Mozilla Firefox. They can be found at Bug 1  and Bug 2. And I have started working on yet another task.

Seeing the contribution I make actually go into production gives me a euphoric sense of happiness! And it wouldn’t be possible without the welcoming nature of the community.
So I would suggest everyone step out and communicate, it’s not as hard as it seems! 😀

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