Alright, that’s been my set! (Wrapping up Outreachy)

It is with a huge lump in my throat that I announce my Outreachy internship with Mozilla has come to an end, a bittersweet end indeed. It’s sad because you don’t want good things to end, happy because we managed to achieve what we initially proposed!🎉 And this won’t be possible without my amaaaazing mentor, Felipe! Thank you! 😄

I had absolute fun contributing to FirefoxđŸ”„, and I have come to appreciate it more than ever now that I know how much dedication and hard work everyone at Mozilla puts into it!

During these three months, I worked on the Policy Engine – implemented a variety of Policies, improved the existing ones, and built a whole new About Page for Firefox – about:policies!

The about:policies page is live on Firefox Nightly and has already attracted new suggestions and improvements! It is soon that we expect a lot more people start using it and we keep making it better. I hope it comes handy to enterprise admins who wish to configure systems with ease.

The application for next round of Outreachy opens this September and if you want to receive notifications for that, please sign up for the mailing list –
I cannot recommend this program enough, don’t think, just go for it! Or maybe learn more from my experience here, and then go slay it! Find your first contribution to Mozilla at

As I wrap up my last blog with Outreachy, I hope it’s not my last blog with Mozilla because no way I’ll stop contributing to Mozilla! đŸ’„

I realise there are too many exclamations in this blog post, that’s coming out of my excitement, maybe.

Alright, guys, that’s been my set. See you around!

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